New Kanlaon is more than building structures that last. We believe that business must account for its stewardship, not only in the balance sheets, but also in terms of social responsibility.

We contribute to sustainability through technology transfer and institutional strengthening through charitable, academic and community development through the ANTEVA Foundation.

Led by its founder and CEO, Antonio S. Evangelista, the organization supports projects that are relevant to and benefit the underprivileged and offer financial assistance to organizations that promote the welfare of our communities.
  To date the ANTEVA Foundation has:

  • Donated a chapel for the residents of Antipolo, Tondo.
  • Renovated the chapel of Sapang Maragol in Tarlac.
  • Offered High School and College Educational Grants.
  • Offered Medical Assistance
  • Offered Athletic Scholarships.
  • Initiated Livelihood Programs in Tarlac.

    At New Kanlaon, building for the future is what we do everyday.
    Fort Palm Spring Bloodletting
    Andeva Scholarship Grant
    NKCI Tree Planting