• Vision
      We are a globally competitive and innovative leader in the construction industry. We seek to improve the quality of life for clients, employees, and the community.  
  • Mission

    We are committed to provide safe, quality and efficient services to develop, manage, engineer, and build horizontal and vertical structures for our clients locally and globally.

    We serve by:
    Rendering work beyond our client's expectations
    Providing on-time delivery all the time
    Offering innovative solutions and advanced technology
    Responding positively to our rapidly changing environment
    Instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment in our work
    Providing an environment of professionalism, teamwork and camaraderie
      // Board of Directors  
    Antonio S. Evangelista Chairman
    Cristina E. Chung Director
    Rosario R. Razon Director
    Rolando S. Narciso Director
    Joshue A. Camba, Jr Director
    Arthur R. Ponsaran Corporate Secretary
      // Corporate Officers  
    Antonio S. Evangelista Founder, CEO/Chairman
    Rolando S. Narciso President / COO
    Ma. Cristina E. Chung VP - Property Division
    Fernando A. Tan AVP - Operations
    (OIC - Construction Division)
    Constancio B. Bernabe Jr. AVP - Treasury
    Erwin D. Roxas AVP - Comptroller
        From left to right:
        1. Josue A. Camba, Jr.
      4. Rosario R. Razon
        2. Antonio Lorenzana
      5. Antonio S. Evangelista
          President & CEO
        3. Rolando S. Narciso
      6. Arthur R. Ponsaran
          Corporate Secretary